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Life Coaching & Consultations 

I want to help you unlock and identify what your holding onto inside,
in order to begin the process of healing


If you are facing a personal problem, struggling in your relationship, having family concerns or under an increased amount of stress, I'm here to help.
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Hello and Welcome to Unlocked Possibilities

With authentic and honest conversation, I am committed to getting to the root cause of your needs by peeling back the layers of your experiences.

I want to help you unlock and identify what your holding onto inside, in order to begin the process of healing.  I am devoted to helping you explore the possibilities that lies within you.

With us partnering together I am dedicated to showing you that ALL things are possible.

I am Giselle!

Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.

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Here's what my clients are saying:
"I appreciate Giselle's words of wisdom, through Godly counseling, I believe saved my marriage. Thank you for being honest, open minded and attentive to see something a lot deeper was going on behind my smile. I am so thankful for women like you, who really understand the deep matters of the heart, and knows how to get to the root of an issue even when I did not know how. "
— Miriam
"I want to say a huge thank you for the inspiration you have provided me and the insight on how my life path needs to be aligned for the good of my own well-being. It gets so difficult being a career-mom and trying to juggle marriage and all the other life chaos. What I do know is that you helped me see the big picture. It's not about what everyone else's opinion is, it's about whether I did the work to make it all matter. Thank you for that"
— Janet
"My experience with Giselle's life coaching was the opportunity to talk out my decision making process while having someone hold me accountable for my natural human flaws and biases. The result was a fully informed knowledgeable decision regarding my career path, versus an emotional knee-jerk reaction. The ability to have an unbiased third party was key to my success."
— Ellease
"Giselle is the most authentic and pure of heart person I have ever encountered. Her straightforward advice and heartfelt delivery truly helps you grow. She is more than a life coach, she is a life guru!

Giselle is a professional through and through. She will ensure she gives you materials that are helpful, follow up with you in a timely manner and ensure your success in self-awareness while keeping a great bedside manner. Confidential, reliable and affordable."
— Brittney